Understand what makes an image press-ready

Guide: Photography

for Media Outreach

* for Large Products *

This product photography PDF guide helps designers, brands, and makers understand what images work best for press outreach. 

It was created specifically for businesses that make large products that need to be photographed in a space, including furniture, wallpaper, lighting, rugs, and large textiles.  

Unsure if you have the right photos
to pitch press features?

Need some actionable tips on how
to plan a product shoot?

Don't know if your images meet industry
standards for design media?

Hey all, Nora here!

What is the number one thing I talk about with my clients? The thing we’re always striving to improve? It’s photography. There isn’t a design editor in the world that will publish your work without the right kinds of photos, no matter how cool, interesting or important the work is.

Photography is truly the number one, most important part of media outreach. If you don’t have photos, AND if they are not up to industry standards, it won’t matter how amazing your product is, the media just won’t give you coverage.

For small businesses and independent makers, it can be really difficult to determine what exactly makes a media-ready photo. So I compiled 10+ years of experience pitching to design industry publications into an easy-to-use guide on photography standards. We packed with over 90 real examples from publications like Fast Company, Wallpaper*, Design Milk, Real Simple, My Domaine, Vogue, and more. Some of these are from actual press features I helped place for my clients.

The tips in this guide, like all our work, are useful and actionable, and always abide by our no-fluff policy.

Product Photography for Media Outreach

A guide on standards for designers and makers of large products.

So, what *are* the standards for great, media quality photography, you ask? This is the question we cover in depth in this guide, so your assets are ready to go when you start your big PR push.

What the guide will help you do:

  • Understand the different types of photography used in the media.

  • Assess your photography.

  • Prioritize the types of photos to take.

  • Plan a photoshoot with a photographer.

  • Create an editor-ready file management system

Note: this guide does not cover the technicalities of how to take good photos or use a camera. That’s what professional photographers are for. What it does cover is tips on how to work with professional photographers, and how to know what kinds of photos you need, so you get the best final result.

Guide Price - $74.00

Whenever I'm planning a big project I always go by the saying: 'Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.' Reading through Wolf Craft's Product Photography Guides gave me a great set of tools to ensure I was asking myself, and my team, all the right questions to ensure my photo shoot went smoothly.

 - Erin Lorek, Lorekform

The Guide Covers:

The seven main types of photography used
in the media with examples of each and links
to the articles where they appeared.
90+ example images.

Advice about how to prepare for a shoot,
including researching president images,
and hiring a photographer.

How to create an editor-ready
file management system.


I’m planning on taking photos myself with my phone (it has a good lens) is this guide for me?

Not gonna lie, it is always best to use a professional photographer. But there are a lot of times when using a high-quality phone camera, good lighting, and photoshop knowledge can get you there as well. We always suggest that you take images with your phone for tests, social media, etc. 

This guide was created specifically for designers, brands, and creatives to understand what kinds of images they really need to capture. If you’re not ready to hire a photographer and set up a professional shoot (it’s a big investment!) the guide will help you understand the scope and goals. 

Will this guide teach me how to take photos/use a camera?

No. That’s what professional photographers are for. This guide covers the types of photos you need to pitch press, and what characteristics they should have. It also covers how to prepare for a shoot and communicate with your photographer.

I make small products, is this guide for me?

No, but we have a guide specifically for you here. We created a separate guide for small products because the needs are a bit different. The small products guide is for businesses that make things like, home goods, consumables, tech products, small electronics, jewelry, ceramics, stationary, and books.

This particular guide is for brands and designers who make large items that need to be photographed in a space, like furniture, rugs, wallpaper, and lighting. 

I am an architect or interior designer, is this guide for me?

Also no, but we have a guide specifically for you here. 

Where can I get more PR tips and strategy advice?

We have a free bi-weekly newsletter that you can subscribe to here. In it we share useful media outreach tips, behind the scenes press strategy, case studies, and resources to help you do PR in house.